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Monday, December 13, 2010, 11:17 PM

Guess what happened today?

I went out for dinner with my family, and my dad parked his car in the parking lot in front of the row of shops. So, being the genius that I am, I decided to walk around the back of my car instead of the front. As I was walking on the curb like I always do, you know the ones they have beside ditches, to prevent people from falling into it? Yeah, so anyways, I was walking on the curb, when suddenly, I accidently hit a lamp post and well, what do you know?

I fell into the ditch. The 6-foot deep ditch that was right beside of the highway. It was waist-deep filled with mud and water. Filthy water, obviously. Thank god, I didn't put my phone and iPod in my pocket, or else it would've been drenched in water! Being the ninja that I am, I landed on my legs, with both my arms stretched upwards, causing no damage whatsoever to the electronic devices I was holding in my hands. Unfortunately, I lost my slippers in the water, but that was the least of my concern. When I landed in the ditch, the only thought that was in my head was "What the fuck was I thinking?! I'm such an idiot,". I called out to my parents, but none of them could hear me, since they both have already reached the shop lots. My sister heard me though, and the first thing she did? Laugh. Bloody hell, I was stuck in a 6-foot longkang, and all she could do was laugh? FML

After my sister saw me, she called out to my parents, who later helped me out of the ditch. First thing I did once I was out of the ditch was laugh. I swear to God, I couldn't stop laughing. I mean, what the hell man? I fell into a fucking ditch. That's not really something one could say on a daily basis. My dad wasn't so happy though, he was so angry at me that he immediately lost his appetite and drove home. After I finished cleaning myself, I went out for dinner as if nothing happened.

I came out with only a soaking wet pair of jeans and ripped pockets. No harm done. Yes, I am one bad ass mother fucker, if I do say so myself.

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