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Tuesday, December 14, 2010, 4:37 AM

"The earth is not a cold dead place,"

Dec. 14, 2010

Tonight, the meteor shower will be at its peak stage. As I'm writing this post, Explosion In The Sky's Home is slowly echoing in my ears. Perfect combination? I couldn't agree more. The last time I've been blessed with the opportunity to watch a meteor shower was the Perseids meteor shower back in August. I didn't really get lucky back then as I only caught a glimpse of it, ending up with only one photo of the meteor shower. A couple of minutes ago, I managed to see one meteor, but I know in my head, that's not enough.

Later this evening, I will be going to Tieha's house and we're going to witness the meteor shower together. The plan is to go to Desa Park City after hours (I don't know if we're gonna get shoo-ed or not, though. Fingers crossed!) and watch the shower on the hills. I really hope nothing goes wrong, because I really really want to see this. I wanna be able to witness something so beautiful and amazing, that I feel like crying and smiling at the same time. Something that's gonna make me feel so inspired that I want to write songs about it afterwards. Something that's gonna make me feel like I'm floating in space but I'm in a state of euphoria at the same time.

So, to those who are looking to feel the exact same way, I suggest you take this opportunity and stay up to watch the meteor shower. Join me as I marvel at the astonishing beauty of this very universe. I might be a little wonderstruck though, but screw it. Okay well, we all won't really be together, but we'll be together in spirit, I guess. Err, that sounded kinda creepy, but you know what I mean.

Until then, thank you and goodnight.

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