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one day, you'll be the death of me
Friday, January 7, 2011, 8:44 AM

"And in the dark I can hear your heartbeat. I tried to find the sound but then it stopped and I was in the darkness so darkness I became,"

This is pretty random, but here it goes - I hate the fact that I never seem to finish writing all the songs that I have written. They're always halfway done or just fragmentary bits and pieces that can't seem to fit together. It happens every single time, and quite frankly, I'm annoyed. To this date, I've only successfully finished writing enough songs to make 3 debut albums, but trust me, if I somehow magically find a way to finish all of the unfinished songs I have written, I would probably have enough songs to make 20 debut albums, no joke. Same thing with writing all together.

I tend to start writing until I reach the 3rd paragraph, and then I'll just go blank. I'd be staring at the screen for hours and hours, thinking of what else to write about. Then I'll just give up midway and click on the Save Now button to save it as a draft. Man, if you guys could see the number of posts that I wrote but didn't publish on my blog, you'd be surprised.

I really need to work on my writing skills. Right now, my writing is just... mediocrely vague. It's somehow missing that one true essence of writing that I can feel tingling in my spine whenever I'm reading a Paulo Coelho or a J.D. Salinger book. You know, that feeling you get when you're listening closely to a song, analyzing every single word and you're just wondering how the hell the composer write such brilliance. Yes, that feeling. I don't know, maybe not all of us can be as virtuosic or as adroit at writing like some people. Oh well... you know, sometimes I wish I could access both parts of my brain at the exact same time, since we only get to access like what, 20% (not sure if this is true or not. Go google it!) of our brain power at one time? Just try to picture it:

Analytic thoughts + imagination = a whole new level of artistry.

I'd be writing bestselling books, composing awe-inspiring masterpieces, inspiring other aspiring songwriters/authors. I'd be one kickass writer! Sigh, if only...

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