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Friday, December 30, 2011, 5:14 AM

I'm in love with Huixian's Canon EOS 60D. The features on that thing can make my 450D blush, seriously! Well, she's always wanted a blog post written just for her; so here you go, Pixie.

I'm sleeping over her house tonight because she really wanted me to see her Christmas decorations, which are really pretty might I add. I'm on her laptop writing this blog post as we speak. Both she and my sister are sleeping because it's already 5:25AM so I'm gonna make this really quick. I got really bored just now so I decided to have a mini photoshoot with her as my model. I did her makeup too, which I'm a little proud of because it looked really nice on her! She's not much of a fan of brown makeup but I insisted on it. Plus, it ended up looking really good on print.

There were hundreds of shots taken but I'm too lazy and tired to post-process all of them so I chose these three because they're my favourites. Click on the photos if you want to be redirected to my Flickr photopage. That is, if you want to.........

Thank you, and goodnight morning!

P.S: She's not topless in these photos. I don't shoot people topless or nude. She's wearing a tube top, of course. Geez people, stop being so perverted -_-

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