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taking back the fat
Tuesday, April 1, 2014, 10:51 AM

I’m taking back the fat.

The word, that is.
     In all its      entirety
whether you like it
      or not –
           that’s up to you.

I’m taking back the
wounds your sharp
     words have caused
and the            scars it
           left behind,

the hours wasted in
      the dead of night
counting          flaws
       instead of

Who are you to
       question the
proportions of my
bumps   –   the lumps
on my      tummy

beginning to fold
like a Michelin mascot
        in the making –
thunder thighs clapping
as I      run a marathon.

Food is fuel, and I
        can’t operate on
an empty tank so
I will eat this      slice of
pizza,  or maybe even five,

         but from now on –

if you drown me with
     your   snarky comments
like how I   drown my
          breakfast pancakes
in maple          syrup,

I will eat you
      whole   and call it
   a good   meal.

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